Samuels cross frame c. 1889

This very nice cross frame was built bij Samuels & Co.  from Amsterdam, one of the few Dutch bicycle factories around 1889. 

Not much is known about this firm, apart from some advertisements. In 1886 they operate from the address Heerengracht 556 in Amsterdam, where they rent, sell and repair bicycles. 

In 1887 they still have the shop at Heerengracht, but now there's also a factory at Plantage Muidergracht 25 in Amsterdam. They advertise their own range of Samuels bicycles. 

Samuels became famous for their good quality and december 1889 they attended (as only Dutch firm) the Stanley Show in London - the world's leading bicycle show - where they showed 27 machines!

I don't know the exact backgrounds, but the story suddenly ends with bankruptcy in june 1891. 

This cross frame is a rare survivor of this early Dutch maker. It was found a few years ago in Belgium, hanging from the roof of a shed. 
Look at the tangent spokes and hollow rims. This really was a first class bicycle. The advertisement is from 1889 and I guess the bicycle will also be from the period 1889-1890. 

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